I’m sorry my e-mail sounded a little harsh

I AM familiar with your earlier posts – so imagine my surprise at your posting a question here *after* signing up , and then saying you didn’t see anything wrong with it(I assumed – incorrectly perhaps – that you had already given them your SSN – which is what got me concerned in the first place)… Since you have been here for a while, you do know how many people post here saying they couldn’t see anything wrong with their particular scheme.

As always, the best bet(like PW pointed out) is to follow the company owners’ motive and business model – its usually very revealing – as it is in this case – think about it!

I’m not looking for a way to make a quick buck

I have a job and so does my hubby. It was more like… huh… they’d give me a few pennies to do what I am already doing? OK, that’s cool… or at least it seems cool.

But no, I am not into paying anything for this sort of thing and I wouldn’t.

I’ve been signed up for a little over 24 hours… and other than what you folks have pointed out, here are my observations…

EVERYONE is looking for ways to get people to look at their page… and ways to generate referrals, and stuff like that. It’s seeming more insincere than the friends I’ve made in other forums.

There are tons of blogs and such for things like Melaleauca and whatnot. I just say “ick” and go on to something else.

eh… Maybe I’d be better off going back to playing around on myspace.

Wow! Thanks

I never in a million years would have known that if I hadn’t asked. See, that’s why I come here when I am not sure. I really couldn’t find the downside. Of course, I am doing a lot of multi-tasking these days, so I miss a lot.

My little guy is almost 18 months now and sleeping in a toddler bed. Last night, he refused to go to bed, and ended up falling asleep on the floor in his doorway. Toddlers are so cute and so much fun. I must be nuts… I think his tantrums are cute. I can’t help but chuckle sometimes when he says “no no no no NO!” His “serious face” is just too adorable.

Are you thinking about what you type?

Okay, so someone set up a “social networking” site, similar to MySpace. Fine.

You say it’s all free, and there’s nothing anyone’s “obligated” to buy.

Alarm bells are going off in my head with that one. SOMEONE has to buy SOMETHING in order for ANYONE to make any money with this, no matter how little the amount might be.

So WHO will be making whatever money is generated by whatever little is bought? The FOUNDERS would be my first guess.

WHY ON EARTH do you want to work for a pittance? You do realize, I trust, that whatever money you generated for yourself from this woulde AFTER the company got THEIRS, right?

Hey, if you’re into paying to be involved in a social network, knock yourself out. I have no problem with that. Just don’t delude yourself into thinking this company is out to share a significant part of its income with people who want to get paid in this way.

Set up a service and earn an income from it, or buy the service and forget about being paid for it. Those are the safest routes.

I’ve been here for several years now and I am not a promoter of MLM’s

Your suggestion to the contrary is insulting. I also own my own forum that is for people to get rid of their MLM inventory and do not allow Pro-MLM posts.

The link I gave is what is on the home page when I log in, so I copied and pasted. I don’t care if you sign up or not… and you’d have to sign up in order for it to “count”.

But as to some of the things you caught, thanks. I did not see anything where it said you needed to fill out any paperwork and include a social. And they didn’t ask for any information other than an email address (for paypal). But perhaps they do require the other info before sending any money. I didn’t see that so far. And there is no way I’d put in my social for such a thing. (I will look)

I guess I should have thought to read the Terms of Service, but it just didn’t occur to me over the last 24 hours. I’m just so used to MySpace, Facebook, and those types of sites that I just didn’t think of it much differently.

I’ve been a myspace junkie for a while… Love it for keeping in touch with friends… so that was the appeal… another place to play with layouts and graphics… but I have no intention of putting anything personal on there. Heck, I didn’t even use my real last name. HAHAHA.

Eh… I’m getting an icky feeling and trying to figure out what to do next. Maybe I should post a “Blog” there to point out those things.
They’s probably delete it, since it wouldn’t be favorable for them, but maybe at least a few people will see it before it gets deleted.

Several MLMs have done a good job of that

They know people will search for the name of their group and words like scam so they create a large number of pages that use those words over and over, just enough so Google includes it in the index, but not enough to trip Google’s alerts.

Once they do that, then when you search for something like “Yuwie scam” you’ll get their sites instead of honest evaluations.

The fact that they now only know to do this, but have done it, is enough to make me stay away from them.

And also, as Chip pointed out, they don’t have their corporate name in the domain registry. They’ve registered through domainsbyproxy.com, which means law enforcement will find it harder to get any info on who they are. Few corporations have any legitimate reason to do that due to the legal nature of a corporate entity.


1. You posted a request for information(maybe legit), but posted a link to YOUR referral page on this site!! Curious!

2. Either you didn’t read the fine print or chose to ignore it. (For both this forum and the site you are referring to).

For anybody else that may think this site is cool – Here are some tips:

a). To get paid, you need to fill a W9 and give them your SSN. I am pretty paranoid about ID theft, and so should you be. (Giving such personal info to some random website !!)

b) Read clause 8 of their “Terms of Service”. (While you are at it – read the whole thing if you have the time).

c) Virtually ALL the so called “Ads” on this site are for other MLM or some such “Get Rich Quick” schemes.

I haven’t really spent a lot of time on this, but found the 3 big RED flags in 5 mins.

FINALLY, PW or moderator – would you do us all a favor by deleting the referral link as its against the rules of this forum ?

I did start looking at some of the things you all pointed out

ANd I did post in my blog on there all the things that I learned. The whois search, the personal info… Those are the biggies for me.

I didn’t know about whois searches. I actually have a domain name that I purchased. I ended up not using it. But I did the search on my domain… sure enough, my name work address phone number and email address were all there. I also searched for myspace, just as a point of reference. They aren’t hiding either, and they don’t ask for anything that personal.

I think giving a SSN to these folks would be like giving it to someone who calls your house with an unlisted number and giving them the same info. i wouldn’t do it.

I signed up first and asked questions later because at first it didn’t feel like a MLM or scam… just social networking. But as I got more “friends” and got more comments and read more blogs… it’s all mostly about how to get rich quick.

THAT’s when I started to wonder…. then came here.

I never thought that this could be an MLM or anything close. I am used to the product peddling types, but this is really quite the set up. An internet based scam for an internet based world, huh?

I’m still on there and sending messages to my friends warning them to proceed with caution and telling them what I NOW see.

I’ve only been on for like two days and spent nothing and gave no info, but I already feel duped… mainly because when it still sounded good, I emailed it to my friends.

Is anyone here using Yuwie?

Any info on it as far as whether it actually falls under the scam/MLM/Pyramid scheme family?

I just signed up for www.BorrowLab.com yesterday. It’s marketed as social networking with a twist. And described as soing what you do on Myspace, but getting paid for it.

I really can’t find the problem with this, considering that it’s free and there is nothing that you are obligated to buy. Of course I don’t expect to get rich off of it or anything… but I can’t find the harm in it.

I’ve googled Yuwie+Scam, along with a few other variations. Still found nothing really bad…

If you are not familiar with it, here’s my link. You can check it out there.
There are a lot of ads that you have to wade through… and some certain amount of spam… but nothing that costs you money if you don’t mind spending the time to skip those things.

I have seen some blogs refer to it as a MLM or Pyrimid Scheme… so that makes me a little nervous.

Thoughts? Insights? Comments?

(My apologies if this sounds like a “sales pitch”. It’s not. This is just one of the first places I check with if I am uncertain of the validity of something.)

In a nutshell

the folks who get caught up in the mania surrounding an AMO ARE like drug addicts. I’ve called them “Motivational Junkies” on occasion….LOL!!! They like the artificial
excitement/love/affirmation they find being around these folks; and the rest of us seem rather dull in comparison.

And we dull folks are outnumbered. For every one of us saying “don’t forget to pay your rent” – there’s 20 saying “You MUST go to Vegas – it could change your life!!! You can pay your rent/play with your kids/attend the wedding…. when you go Diamond!” And as long as they have all these AMO expenses, they’re guaranteed to never make a profit from “owning their own business”

As awful as it sounds, the faster they can hit bottom, the faster they’ll get out. Sometimes, the best thing we can do for our kids is let them fail.

You are amoung many that want their loved one out of Quixtar

Like Jenna, I have a son that has been in QS for 3 1/2 years. Hal and Jenna are right when they tell you that QS people are brainwashed.
And we do mean that literally!

Just like your friend my son is not the same as he use to be. All his time, other than his full-time job, is spent on QS–conferences, training sessions, meetings, listening to the countless number of QS CDs he has, reading books from the QS book list, and on the cell phone with upline. They are told that watching TV is a waste of time.
The full-time job I mentioned pays for the many QS products he buys that are over priced, plus shipping, that the upline tell them ‘why would you buy the same products from Walmart when you can get paid for buying them from yourself?’. They also tell them ‘They’re the same products you would be buying anyways and they’re better’. Well OK he would be buying toothpaste, but he would not be buying all these different energy drinks and engery bars in what seems like every flavor have (I wonder if any of that stuff is really good for you). Oh, and the job that makes the money to pay for all this stuff is the same job that the upline disses all the time. After all you don’t want to have a boss–you want to work for yourself so that you can retire in two to five years.

Sometimes I feel desperate to get my son out of this. But all I or anyone can do is ask questions about the business that might make them think twice about QS. Ex: I asked my son why he has to spend so much time at meetings and buying so many CDs. I said ‘don’t you know everything by now and why do you have to pay for your training?’. But the training they are getting is what to say to all the negative comments and questions that outsiders will say to them, which is part of the brainwashing process. So, what can we say that will reach them? Until we find the answer to that we need to be as supportive as possible cause like Jenna said they are going to need someone when they realize what a lie QS is and all the upline (that they claim to be like family) drop them like hot potatoes.

So, I’m sorry that I don’t have the answer you were looking for, but you will find this site to be a place to vent and get support.

Good Luck.

One thing to consider here:

what they mean by “closing” might not be what you think it means. I’ve had several credit card accounts closed over time; I voluntarily closed the last one myself. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to pay it right this minute or have it go to collections. It usually means you simply can’t use that card for any new purchased or transfers. The amount you owe is still there, your payment plan is still there, and you just keep making payments until the balance is zeroed out. Having the account close may drop your credit score a little but it’s not like having an account go to collections. More like having a medical bill – you already got the benefit of that service, and now you’re paying the balanced owed. No more, no less. Most banks will close accounts of any kind for non-activity after a certain period of time, so this isn’t a surprising new strategy for them.

If your payments with these folks are on schedule, I’d suggest simply continuing to make payments on schedule. If you had stopped making payments for whatever reason, simply re-establishing a payment plan may be enough to make them happy (that won’t necessarily re-open the account but it will prevent it from going to collections.) If you WANT to pay it off sooner for your own reasons, then do so. But don’t rush around and feel forced to change something if that’s not already something that is of benefit to you.

Just remember that any account getting regular payments is also going to be reflected on your credit score, in your favor. Those regular payments count more in your favor, than closing off new purchases on a card that you’re not using anymore anyway. Just don’t feel rushed to do something; closing a credit account is not a huge deal.

Bank closing one of my accounts

Well, my credit score has dropped a bit since I started paying off my debts and closing my accounts. So I got a letter in the mail from Synchrony bank (which owns my TJX Rewards Mastercard) that they’ve reviewed my account and decided to close it.
I actually can pay this account in full within the month if I rearrange my planned debt payment schedule… I owe about $3000.
But should I? By rearranging I will only delay paying off my car in full by a month.
I was thinking maybe if I call Synchrony and tell them I will be paying off the account in full they could negotiate to not report it as “closed by creditor” to the bureaus, which I know looks bad. Maybe they won’t care either way! Or maybe, I shouldn’t care? I just hate to see a nonsense ding on my credit. Yes I owe them money, but I have made my payments mostly on time and have them on schedule to be paid off this year.
What would you do?

My dad is a strong minded person

always was and probably always will be. He is type II diabetic. He still eats sweets. Some real, some with artificial sweetener and can’t understand why is sugar is out of control. He is in the hospital for a fall but I think he’ll go home on insulin and not his oral meds.
He does have a lot of the “I’m gonna do what I’m gonna do” attitude and not enough of the healthy stuff. I can’t change him, just encourage him. His knees have both been operated on so exercise like walking is still painful.

My brother who is not so “diplomatic”, says (when calling me about dad’s fall) that “dad is acting like he’s 101 years old.” There is a lot my brother says that I have to let go of. I didn’t respond to it. I just know that when things like this happen as you age, it takes more of a toll on your body, as you alluded to. I am not expecting dad to be able to bounce back as if he were 30-40 years younger. It is not gonna happen.

I just remember there’s that old saying, “If I had known I was gonna life so long I would have taken better care of myself!” All too true!

Prayers going out for your dad, Cindy

My folks are also in their mid-70’s and each new health thing is more of a concern than it used to be. They work hard to manage their mild-to-moderate health issues but it still gets a little nerve wracking to hear about all their doctor appointments.

Then there’s our rental pasture landlord who’s in his mid-90’s, with multiple moderate to serious health issues, and he’s bound and determined to do whatever the heck he wants. One part of me wants him to be more careful; this is a man I look to as a grandfather and I want him around as long as possible. Then there’s the part of me who hopes I’m still that determined and independent when I’m that age. His wife tried to take away his chocolate kisses on the advice of his kidney doctor, so he went out and bought his own and created his own stash. Gotta admire that at least a little.

We had a Murphy visit last week but he went away more frustrated than us

Monday morning I started to transfer money into some new sinking funds, thinking yep this feels great to finally get underway. I’d set up the accounts awhile ago but had only really been using a few of them. As of last Monday I started using all of them. I knew that move would make my budget a little tighter, but I wanted to get going on it and figured I could skinny down my spending here and there to compensate.

And then right on schedule, just like DR has warned us, Murphy came along after I did that constructive budget-tweaking. Wednesday night my DH was working on the computer when he got the dreaded blue screen of death. Those of you who know about fixing computers will know that’s fairly serious, but not necessarily fatal. This particular machine has been a problem in the past, but thankfully I’ve got enough software troubleshooting experience that I’ve been able to fix it each time. Last Wednesday, though, it was beyond fixing again. Problem is, I’d been using that machine for much of my internet-based work, and now my work platform was DOA.

Aha, never fear. In a testament to how weird modern life has become, I was able to shop for a new replacement laptop via my smartphone (!), ordered it via Amazon.com, and thanks to our Prime membership (which has already paid for itself) I was able to get the laptop ordered for next-day delivery. With money from SAVINGS, rather than credit card. I was so pleased with myself. I literally was unpacking the box almost exactly 12hrs after ordering it, and we had a replacement machine up and running at the 24hr mark after the old machine quit. That just blows my mind that we can get stuff turned around that fast.

Ahh, but what about the budget? That money came out of un-allocated savings, which had not yet gone to any sinking funds. I had been vaguely thinking to put it towards the truck repair fund but hadn’t yet done so. We discussed it this weekend and decided that we’d move forward with getting some truck repair parts as planned, and I was able to absorb the computer cost by cutting back just a little more on various other purchase plans. It was really a non-event, budget-wise. Wow.

Just a few years ago I would have gotten a much more expensive computer (after all, if you’re gonna borrow, borrow BIG!), slapped it on a credit card and just cussed at the payments. But I’m typing this on a brand new laptop, delivered 12hrs from when it was ordered, and paid for in cash (the electronic equivalent anyway).

Thanks for the thoughts

been a long few weeks. he’s been with this co for 26 yrs, so no brainer on the top of the food chain. the biggest thing is that at some time they dropped the pension for 401k..he’s up for both–been with them for a long time. they have offered a contract on top of the severance pay..so not totally left alone, but the taxes will suck. Here comes the SAHM that made friend with the neighbors and can barter for some advice. they have only reinforced what I had thought.

The only thought about the shed is that they have never had him home over a long period…this co is not family friendy, but they would like to think so. When we moved here, the hood teens thought I was a single mom–that ended about 5 yrs ago, we have been here 20

I can completely relate to what you’re going through

For years my (first) husband was the guy hired to manage car dealerships when they were struggling. We lived in Austin, Atlanta, Phoenix, Lexington (KY), and Gainesville (FL) until he finally got fed up and we bought our own car dealership in northern Ohio. He was always hired at a high salary and when things were turned around and running smoothly at the dealerships he managed, all of a sudden the owners no longer wanted to pay the salary he was brought in at, and generally, the owners then stepped in and took over his G.M. position and he could either stay around as a sales manager rather than a GM (knowing the sales manager would then be fired) at a reduced pay or we could move on. We always moved on. He knew he’d still have the same hours, and same responsibilities, but with a reduced income. It’s tough, and it’s scary. I do wish your husband the best of luck with his new endeavor, but I must say your children are brutal expecting their dad to work in the shed during these hot, Florida days!

Well, it has been a few weeks since we got some not so good news..

DH was offered early retirement, AKA- you are at the top of the food chain and we need to cut expenses. We sort of knew it would eventually happen but were hoping that it would be a few years down the line.

Because we sort of knew it would happen, I had been frantically trying to pay everything off…all we have left is the mortgage. They have given us a decent package, so I have been speaking to an accountant and a financial planner. Nothing set in stone and I still need to have another meeting with the FP and have DH with me—this is a neighbor and I trust him, my kid is their nanny.

DH is going to start his own business, so we are trying to set that up. I had to give him some tough love the other night because he had hit a wall. So he is starting to work on that again–meeting with attorney tomorrow because he will need one for start up and contracts that he will get.

I think I’m over the panic stage, but we are going into the unknown. Emergency funds are in place and with the settlement and planning, we should be ok.

So, I guess I need to get moving and declutter so I can figure out where to put an office…the kids suggested the shed, but there’s no electric there LOL